Monday, April 1, 2019

~Free To Bee!~

I finished my animated feature, 'Free To Bee' in 2017 (started in 2015) and have been editing since.  I have submitted it to these screenwriting fellowships and contests in hope of getting noticed! 😁

If any agents or managers would like to read it, please email me and I can send you a PDF of it.  Or you can read it here, it's copy-written and registered with the Writer's Guild of America.
Yay!  Feels good~

Free To Bee~ ©2015DanyaMosgofian

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

It's finished!! CARPE DENIA~

At last after writing the original script in 2000 CARPE DENIA the short, is finished!~  Phew....what a long journey it's been.  From concept to storage (ahem) to recovery of time and remembering old stories, I finally finished this little vignette about taking time for small intimate moments and also to be careful of the assumptions we make, what we limit ourselves to when we do.  Hope you enjoy it~

YouTube link to CARPE DENIA short film~

I want to thank specifically Judy Shulman for being such a great friend and supporter throughout this production and Tom Michelsen and Christina Fetyko for giving such heart and joy to their performances.  I also want to thank Dean Sofer for coming through with sharing his equipment and teaching me about it to shooting the alley shots with Michael Garrigues, whom I also want to thank for help with his camera and technical help for the alley shots.
I have mentioned thanks to specific members of the Independent Short Film Making Meetup of SF and they helped me gain the confidence and organize the meetings to make this happen.  Thank you~
And lastly to thank my dad's wife, Lori Liederman for having such passion for pretty and fragrant things as to inspire this film~  Thanks for my Dad, Brian McWilliams and Lori for help with the location!